Красная Поляна     Krasnaya Polyana is located in the Western
     Caucasus at an altitude of about 500 meters
     above sea level along the Mzymta River, 39 km
     from its influx into the Black Sea in Adlersky City
     District of Sochi. The village is surrounded by
     high mountains: in the west - mountain
     Achishkho and its spurs; in the east - the
     backbone Aibga. 15 km north of Krasnaya
     Polyana is a watershed of the Greater Caucasus
     Range. The village occupies a large terrace,
     which is a slightly sloping area of ​​a triangle.

     The village is connected with Adler and Sochi
     airport with the modern combined road and
     railway line. There is a heliport.