In 1864, the area was the scene, significant in Circassian history, of the last battles of the Russian–Circassian War. The area was conquered by four main Russian armies and the end of the prolonged Caucasian War declared. In the presence of Chief of the Army Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolayevich the parade and a public service were held to mark the end of the Caucasian War. It was decided to call this place Romanovsk in honor of the royal family. The village Romanov was founded in 1869.

In 1878, the Greeks resettled here, escaping from the Turkish yoke to the Stavropol region, but not settle down there. The Greeks saw the local fertile land from the pass Pseashkho. They sat the glade, thickly overgrown with red fern and maples. Therefore named Krasnaya Polyana. Later 36 Estonian families moved here. At the beginning they lived together with Greeks, but later moved above the river. This settlement became known as the Estonian Garden (today - Esto-Sadok).

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